Telus Gets The Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G

I got a press release from Samsung this morning announcing that Telus would be getting the Galaxy S Fascinate 4G which is as you might have guessed a “true 4G” phone. More on that in a sec. Here’s the key specs:

  • A front facing camera for easy video chat
  • A 1650 mAh battery for long battery life
  • Uncompromised web experience with Adobe Flash 10.1 for a rich browsing experience
  • 5.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • Google Maps Navigation providing turn by turn voice guidance and new Google Maps in 3D. Available only on Android.
  • Access to more than 150,000 free and paid applications from the growing Android Market, as well as the ability to store apps to the device memory card to free up phone space
  • Expandable memory up to 32 GB (16 GB microSD card included)
  • Seven home screens to customize with the widgets and apps for at a glance information and updates

As for that “true 4G” part, it will hit speeds of up to 21 Mbps. In my humble opinion, speed alone doesn’t make something 4G. After all, that’s the maximum speed that they’re talking about. I’d have to speed test it to death to see if this phone will actually do that in the real world. Few phones and the networks that they run on actually do.

The phone is available for pre-order now. Expect to spend between $99.99 on a 3-year ball and chain term to $529.99 for freedom no-term.

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