Samsung Wants To See Apple Prototypes…. Just Like Apple Wanted To See Theirs

In a move that is typical with these patent lawsuits, Samsung wants access to Apple prototypes. If that sounds familiar, it should. They’re mirroring Apple’s access to their prototypes:

Samsung claims that it needs to see Apples future products because devices like the Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will presumably be in the market at the same time as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, and Samsungs lawyers want to evaluate any possible similarities so they can prepare for further potential legal action from Apple.

One wonders if Samsung’s strategy is to force Apple to cough up prototypes which is something that you know would make El Jobso’s head explode. Thus to keep things secret, they might back down. All have to say is good luck with that because the Apple iLawyers will be doing their best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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