Cat And Mouse Game Begins With “Mac Defender” Malware

It only took 24 hours for a new variant of the “Mac Defender” malware which is designed to avoid Apple’s enhancements to stop it from spreading to appear:

Hours after Apple released this update and the initial set of definitions, a new variation of Mac Defender is in the wild. This one has a new name, Mdinstall.pkg, and it has been specifically formulated to skate past Apple’s malware-blocking code.

The file has a date and time stamp from last night at 9:24PM Pacific time. That’s less than 8 hours after Apple’s security update was released.

On a test system using Safari with default settings, it behaved exactly as before, beginning the installation process with no password required.

Now the only positive thing about this is that the security update that I mentioned yesterday has a new feature. It has the capability to update itself with new definitions. So Apple could simply update computers with this security update and protect users. However, Apple users now have to deal with something Windows user have had to deal with for years. The possibility that there is a window of opportunity for users to get infected while Apple updates their definitions.

Welcome to the real world Mac users.

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