Chinese Hackers Hit Gmail

Several high profile Gmail users were hit by Chinese hackers according to Google:

Google says computer hackers in China broke into the Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior government officials in the U.S. and political activists.

“This campaign, which appears to originate from Jinan, China, affected what seem to be the personal Gmail accounts of hundreds of users including, among others, senior U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries (predominantly South Korea), military personnel and journalists,” Google said in a statement

“The goal of this effort seems to have been to monitor the contents of these users’ emails, with the perpetrators apparently using stolen passwords to change peoples’ forwarding and delegation settings.”

Google says all victims have been notified and their accounts have been secured.

“It’s important to stress that our internal systems have not been affected — these account hijackings were not the result of a security problem with Gmail itself,” Google said. “But we believe that being open about these security issues helps users better protect their information online.”

Here’s the problem. This is yet another cyberattack from China, and you have to believe that even if the Chinese government doesn’t directly support these sorts of attacks, they don’t seem to be too interested in stopping these attacks. Which still makes them pretty guilty in my mind.

My advice, I’d change your Gmail password and make it as secure as possible. It doesn’t hurt to be careful.

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