Hackers Attack Nintendo…. They Get Nothing

It seems that Sony isn’t the only company that has hacking problems. Making its way across the Internet is the news that Nintendo apparently had someone hack into one of their US based servers, but the good news is that no customer data was leaked:

The Nintendo breach is less severe than the hacker attacks on rival Sony Corp.’s PlayStation Network and its other online services since April that have led to a personal data breach involving more than 100 million user accounts.

The Nintendo incident involved no sensitive information and hasn’t caused any damage to its operations or inconveniences for its customers, the company said.

Also of note, the same group that did the latest Sony hack is responsible for this one:

A hacker group called Lulzsec, which had earlier claimed that it had broken into some of Sony’s websites and stolen customer information, posted data on the Internet it claims was Nintendo “server configuration file,” or data for programming purposes.

This is a wake up call to pretty much every company that they have to step up their game. Otherwise, they’re going to get owned.

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