Apple Fanbois Rejoice Over Announcements And Steve Jobs

Today was the keynote for Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and there was a ton of action. Here’s the highlights:

  • Steve Jobs got a standing ovation when he made an appearance on stage. But this wasn’t a mere photo op for the Apple Fanbois. He played a significant part in the proceedings.
  • OS X Lion was announced today. It’s going to be priced at $29.99 and only be available via a 4GB download from the App Store sometime in July. That means you have to be running Snow Leopard to get it. Lion promises 250 new features including iOS like multi-touch gestures, a new Mail application, and a resume feature that saves the state of your computer right down to the exact thing your cursor was doing.
  • Apple rolled out iCloud which all Apple devices as well as PCs talk to iCloud and sync with each other. Users get 5GB of free storage for mail, documents contacts and backups. In a stunning move, purchased music (more on that in a second), apps and books don’t count. Oh yeah, it’s going to be free when it rolls out in the fall.
  • Connected with iCloud is iTunes Match. Get this: $24.95 a year lets you replace all (that’s true even if you’ve got 20,000 songs on your iPhone) your pirated ripped music collection with to 256KBps, AAC, DRM-free music that resides in iCloud. If you’ve got music that you’ve purchased from iTunes, then you don’t pay for this at all.
  • iOS 5 was announced today with a ton of new features including iMessage which will allow iOS users to send text and multimedia messages over Wi-Fi and 3G with read and delivery receipts and real-time typing indication. If it sounds familiar, this is Blackberry Messenger from Apple. Another new feature is News Stand which features  newspapers and magazines and will download new issues automatically in the background. iOS will be “PC Free” as it will have the ability to sync, activate and install updates without a PC or Mac. There’s also enhanced apps like Mobile Safari, Mail, and a new notification system. Oh yeah, Twitter integration is there too.

If you want to see the full keynote, click here for the video evidence. So how does all of this make you feel? Post your comments below.

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