Nintendo And Sony Announce Next Generation Game Hardware

If you loved the Will, then get ready then for the next generation Wii. Dubbed the Wii U, It is an HD console, it retains backwards compatibility with the Wii (though it’s unclear if this includes GameCube software which the current Wii will play), and the controller does, in fact, have a touch screen on it. Nintendo demoed it at E3 this morning moving a game off the TV and playing it solely on the Wii U controller. It looked impressive, but we’re only going to know for sure when it hits stores sometime next year.

Sony also announced hardware today. In what I think is an attempt to go at Apple and their iOS devices, Sony released the Playsation Vita which is the replacement for the Playstation Portable. It will come in two flavors. A WiFi only model, and a WiFi and 3G model. It’s going to hit the streets later this year. My only question is, where does this fit in with the Xperia Play? It seems to me that they both play in the same space. Perhaps Sony has some grand plan that makes sense?

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