Review: Blackberry Bold 9780 – Part 2

I’ve used this phone today and here’s my initial thoughts:

  • I like the way this Blackberry feels in my hand. It’s light and has a good shape in my hand.
  • The screen is stunningly good. It’s bright, vivid and anything on it has a ton of detail.
  • The battery life is AMAZING. I’ve yet to charge this phone as it is still half charged, but I’ve used it way more than my present Blackberry.
  • I’m still getting used to Blackberry OS 6, but the thing that annoys me is that some of my favorite apps don’t run on this OS. But what makes up for that is that the OS has a Webkit based browser that plays (albeit limited) Flash as well as much better media functionality. You can actually use this Blackberry to watch movies and play MP3s without feeling lame.

Now on to my first impressions about Bell’s HSPA network. I borrowed an identical 9780 that was on the Rogers network and tried the following. I played this video from YouTube on both 9780’s at the same time to see if there was any difference in the network that each Blackberry used. What shocked me was that the Rogers 9780 had to buffer the video a couple of times. The Bell one didn’t. I repeated this test at different times of day as well as different locations (specifically, the Toronto suburbs of Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough as well as downtown) and got the same results every time. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I was kind of surprised by that. I can only guess what the reason why this might be. Perhaps the Bell HSPA network isn’t heavily used? Or perhaps it’s simply better than the Rogers network? I don’t know as I don’t have the tools to empirically test this so that I can offer an informed opinion. But What I can say is that my less than scientific tests make Bell look really good in terms of their HSPA network quality.

There. I said something good about Bell. Shocking isn’t it.

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