Rogers Rolling Out LTE In The Nation’s Capital

If you’re in Ottawa, you’re about to get your LTE fix according to my “best friends at Rogers:”

“We’re thrilled to be first in bringing this world class technology to our customers,” said John Boynton, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Ottawa has always been a hotbed for innovation, making it the ideal city to launch our LTE network in Canada.”

It’s interesting that Ottawa is going to be the first city to get LTE as Toronto has always been perceived as being the center of the Canadian universe. But the the news doesn’t end there:

Rogers, in collaboration with Sierra Wireless, the second-largest wireless solutions company in Canada, also announced the first LTE-enabled mobile device in Canada. The LTE Rocket stick will deliver speeds that are significantly faster than HSPA+. Rogers’ customers will get the added benefit of reserving their LTE Rocket stick today by visiting a newly created Reservation System; ensuring they are at the front of the line for the device once it becomes available later this summer.

So you’ll be able to surf at speeds not seen before when LTE hits the nation’s capital. Cool!

The question is, what will it cost and what are the caps going to be?

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