LulzSec Posts Facebook, PayPal, Xbox Live and Twitter Account Info

LulzSec strikes again.

The CBC is reporting that the notorious hacker group has posted the account info from 62,000 accounts including ones from Facebook, PayPal, Xbox Live, and Twitter:

On its Twitter account, LulzSec said it uploaded the file to a file-sharing site Thursday morning. The site took it down, but it was uploaded again Thursday evening and taken down once more. LulzSec reported thousands of downloads before it was removed.

The group’s Twitter feed contains bragging from people who claim to have taken the information and logged on to people’s personal sites: taking money from PayPal accounts, replacing dating site profile pictures with pornographic images, and engaging in chats on other people’s Facebook.

“Envelope yourself in the sickening realization that you secretly love f–king someone’s Facebook life beyond repair,” says one tweet from LulzSec.

My advice, you need to change your passwords RIGHT NOW if you value your security. In the meantime, all of these sites really need to step up their security so that groups like LulzSec stay out of the news.

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  1. I think these hackers should face the death penalty. Ok, maybe not actually offing them….but a law should be in place that if you are eventually caught….you will NEVER get out of jail. Ever.

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