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PayPal Rolls Out New shipping solution For Small Business

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In a significant move that will help boost cross-border trade, PayPal Canada launched a new solution that offers small businesses up to 75 per cent in shipping discounts. Additional features include a one-day shipping service to the U.S., tracking links on every parcel and an integrated platform where online sellers can import their orders from popular marketplaces to arrange shipment.

High shipping costs and a lack of efficient shipping options have long held back Canadian business owners from selling internationally. Despite the fact that Canada currently has 14 trade agreements with countries around the world, only 12 per cent of small and medium businesses take advantage of these opportunities. Some of the greatest international growth opportunities are in the U.S., Canada’s largest export market, where businesses can send goods valued up to $800 free of tax, duties and brokerage fees.

In addition to deep discounts, there are a number of beneficial features of this new service:

  • Sellers conducting business on different platforms now only have to go to one web page to meet all their shipping needs. After importing their sales from Shopify, Etsy, eBay or WooCommerce into the platform, sellers can easily pick and choose the quickest and most affordable way to send their parcels.
  • Tracking links are available for every parcel, making it easy for packages to be traced until they reach their destination.
  • One-day delivery to the United States, Canada’s leading export market.
  • While most shipping solutions are subscription based, this shipping tool is available to use at no extra charge.

This new shipping solution gives Canadian business owners a strong incentive to reach beyond the nation’s borders.  In an effort to save small business owners’ money, PayPal has partnered with netParcel, a Toronto-based technology company that provides access to discounted shipping rates. As a result, more than 250,000 businesses that use PayPal can now take advantage of aggressive shipping discounts—whether they are shipping parcels within Canada, to the U.S., or anywhere overseas.

Shipping through PayPal is available now to all Canadian customers. For more information, visit


PayPal Canada Partners With Nissan Micra Cup To Save Fans Time & Money

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PayPal Canada today announced it is the official payments partner for the 2019 season of the Nissan Micra Cup presented by JD Promotion & Competition Inc., in collaboration with Nissan Canada. This will allow motorsport fans to save time and purchase tickets for the two 2019 Nissan Micra Cup races taking place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (May and August) online through PayPal.

In further support of this race series, PayPal has also joined hands with Motorsports in Action (MIA) to be the title sponsor of two Nissan Micra Cup cars in this highly competitive series. PayPal Canada-MIA will campaign the #58 car of Taylor Near, 28, and the #97 car of Marco Signoretti, 21. Two promising racers, Near is a Toronto native who has claimed multiple top-five finishes in the Ontario Formula 1200 Championship and claimed the rookie of the year title in his debut year in the Ontario Formula Ford 1600 Championship, and Signoretti is one of Canada’s best up-and-coming young drivers, having claimed the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship and representing Canada in the Rotax World Finals in 2016 and 2017.

The Nissan Micra Cup is the most affordable motorsport series in Canada. Unlike most motorsport events, each Nissan Micra race car has the exact same specifications, resulting in a competition that truly reveals the most skilled drivers. The Nissan Micra Cup exclusively features the stock Micra 1.6 S manual transmission model with minor modifications to render it race-ready. From May to September, across six races in Ontario and Quebec, over 25 Nissan Micras tackle Canada’s most established and challenging racetracks, offering fans an adrenaline-packed show at every turn.

The Nissan Micra Cup features six race weekends across Ontario and Quebec:


PayPal has also partnered with Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), one of the foremost racing and automotive performance facilities in Canada.  Opened in 1961, the iconic CTMP track is the home to a full calendar of world-class events and attracts more than 530,000 visitors annually. Starting today, race fans will be able to save time and purchase tickets with PayPal for all of CTMP’s major 2019 events including the two Nissan Micra Cup events online at

Fans can pay with PayPal to save 25 per cent off a Weekend Super Ticket or a Sunday Ticket for the upcoming May 17-19 Victoria Day SpeedFest Weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Tickets can be purchased here using code PayPal25.

Last Minute Tax Tips, Pay With PayPal

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The tax deadline is fast approaching and If you’re putting together tax tip roundups, here are a few tips you might want to include.

Canadians want a way to pay their taxes quickly and easily and now they can with PayPal.

Paying with PayPal has many benefits:

  1. Trusted way to pay: PayPal doesn’t share customer financial information with merchants, so payment information is protected.
  2. Earn credit card rewards: Taxes can be paid with the credit card associated with a PayPal account and collect rewards points on that card.
  3. Canadians abroad can now stay on top of paying taxes online: About 2.8 million Canadian citizens live abroad. Canadian expatriates who have to file their taxes and owe money to the CRA can pay online easily while abroad.
  4. Use your PayPal balance: More than 250,000 Canadian small businesses use PayPal. Now, these entrepreneurs can simply use the existing balance in their PayPal account to pay income taxes, creating a seamless flow for busy business owners. Of course, anyone can also choose to pay with other options in their PayPal account, including bank account, Visa Debit or credit card.

Taxpayers can beat the deadline by visiting

New Data Shows Increase Of Mobile On-Demand Apps Usage Across Canada: PayPal

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With the holiday season in full swing, Canadians are increasingly turning to their phones using mobile on-demand apps to streamline their tasks and checking off their to-do lists. New research from global mobile payments leader PayPal reveals that Canadian mobile app users on average spend at least $2,500 annually on apps for everyday tasks. Coming in particularly handy over the holidays are apps for travel, cab rides, food and grocery delivery, cleaning, laundry, and at-home beauty services.

As the mobile on-demand economy continues to grow, the PayPal Canada study reveals half of Canadians rely on an average of three on-demand apps, a trend that continues to accelerate. Recent data found Canadian mobile app usage has grown by 74 per cent in the past two years accounting for nearly half of global internet traffic last year.

Chores are less of a bore with mobile apps saving the day

Mobile apps are defining a new lifestyle trend with more and more Canadians incorporating mobile on-demand apps into their daily routines to streamline daily chores and tasks. With holiday demands and endless to-do lists, it’s no wonder that one in five Canadians have started using mobile apps for their laundry and dry-cleaning (22%), beauty services (21%), and grocery delivery (19%) and these numbers are likely to increase during the holidays to free up time better spent enjoying with friends and family.

Men versus Women: who relies more on apps

The data reveals that men are leading the charge when it comes to on-demand task-based app usage. The study reveals men are significantly more likely than women to rely on mobile on-demand apps to tackle day-to-day tasks.

  • When it comes to getting around town, nearly three quarters of men (74%) rely on apps for taxis or rideshares, compared to two out of three women (64%).
  • Men are more likely to use a mobile app to get groceries delivered – 42% compared to 31% of women.
  • More men (32%) use a task-based app such as a house cleaning service compared to women (22%).
  • Similarly, more men (29%) use mobile laundry and dry-cleaning services to ease the burden of chores than women (17%).
  • However, women (28%) are more likely to treat themselves to beauty services via mobile apps like Style or Soothe than men (25%).

Fueling holiday hunger

Some of the first mobile on-demand apps developed – specifically food and beverage apps – continue to drive usage with 70 per cent of Canadians taking their morning meal on the go by ordering coffee and breakfast items. Nearly two out of three Canadians are using mobile apps like UberEats and Foodora for food and meal delivery (63%).

In British Columbia, using mobile apps to streamline the morning routine is even more prevalent with 78 per cent usage whereas those in Quebec are the least likely to use mobile apps to order coffee or breakfast items (54%).

Going further, the survey found a huge proportion of Millennials turning to mobile solutions, with 77 per cent of them using food and meal delivery apps, versus 43 per cent of Boomers.

From arriving in style to parking with ease

As the holiday season comes into full effect, Canadians will plan their holiday events and gatherings and likely use cabs to get to where they need to be as quickly as possible. The study reveals more than two thirds (69%) of Canadians rely on mobile apps for taxi or rideshare services, such as Uber or Lyft and these numbers are likely to spike during the holidays when festivities rise.

Parking apps are seeing greater adoptions. Nearly half of Canadians (49%) are using mobile apps for parking, such as Green P or EasyPark. This is not only a trend in urban centres. Three quarters (76%) of urbanites use mobile apps for taxis and rideshares, while 64 per cent of their suburban counterparts, and 52 per cent of those in rural areas, do the same. However, both urban (51%) and suburban (48%) Canadians prefer the convenience of paying for parking through an app.

For more information on mobile on-demand apps, please visit

Study methodology

The online survey was conducted through the Legerweb panel. The study was in field between August 30 – September 6, 2018, and surveyed n=1,807 Canadian mobile app users* starting from the ages of 18 and older. The survey was offered Canada-wide in English & French. The estimated margin of error for the total sample is +/- 2.31% at a 95% confidence level.

*To qualify as a Canadian mobile app user, the respondent must be 18+ years old, and use 1 or more mobile apps for on-demand services (i.e. taxi and ride sharing (like Uber or Lyft), parking, food and meal delivery, coffee, beverage, and breakfast items, grocery delivery, beauty services, laundry and dry-cleaning, and other task-based services such as dog walking, handyman, and house cleaning). The incidence rate for those using one or more mobile apps for on-demand services is 50% of the adult population.

PayPal Giving Fund launches in Canada with Facebook

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In a move to enable greater charitable giving in Canada, PayPal Giving Fund Canadalaunched yesterday, with a mission to partner with leading companies like Facebook to develop innovative online giving programs that inspire a new wave of philanthropy.

Canadian charities registered with the CRA can now enroll via this link to reach more donors to support their cause.

Also announced yesterday is a partnership between PayPal Giving Fund Canada and Facebook where, for the first time in Canada, charities can raise money directly on Facebook using PayPal Giving Fund Canada’s platform without any charges, because Facebook is covering the payment processing cost. Details of Facebook charitable giving tools can be found here.

PayPal Giving Fund Canada, a CRA-registered charity, uses PayPal technology and financial support to help raise funds to benefit Canadian charities. Operating costs are covered by partners, meaning that charities or individual donors are not charged for any services. 100% of donations made to PayPal Giving Fund Canada are distributed to Canadian charities. In the US and UK, PayPal Giving Fund helped raise over CAD $130 million to benefit 46,000 charities in 2017.

You can find additional information on this announcement here.

PayPal Hosts Twitch Stream To Show How Gamers Can Us PayPal

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PayPal is planning to host a Twitch stream on Friday, September 28 from 4pm-6pm EST.. The stream will feature two popular Canadian streamers, Kaitlyn and Brotatoe, teaming up to play Fortnite and showcase the many ways gamers can use PayPal. This session will be very enlightening and ties in to this story that I posted earlier today. So plan on joining in.


Canadian gamers spend 52 hours gaming online every month and more than half of them are women: PayPal

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PayPal Canada shared new insights from SuperData Research which revealed that gamers in Canada spend an average of 52 hours every month playing online games and more than half of them (55%) are women. Canadian gamers have an average age of 35 years and are eight years younger than their US counterparts. The research shows that 45 per cent of gamers in Canada play online or mobile games every day, compared to 39 per cent globally.

PwC predicts annual revenues in Canada’s online gaming industry to be $40M with a CAGR of 22.7% over the next five years*. Canada’s online gaming market has been growing strongly with total revenue in the sector greater than that of Italy and Spain combined.

Canadian gamers spend $200 per year on full online games compared with a yearly spend of $128 on buying in-game content. These gamers are also far less likely to trade for in-game items than the global average (22% vs. 44%).

Choice of device – smartphones versus PCs and Gaming Consoles

Gamers in Canada play across an average of three devices, roughly in line with global averages. Smartphones (66%) are the device of choice when it comes to online gaming followed by tablets (43%), desktops (40%) and laptops (34%). Among women, 74 per cent play regularly on smartphones compared to only 58 per cent of men. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 were the most popular gaming consoles picked by Canadian gamers.

Other insights include:

  • Gamers in Canada play games an average of 26 times a month and spend two hours per session.
  • Mobile gamers skew heavily female (71%), while PC/console players skew male (56%).
  • PC/console players game for longer with an average of two hours per session, while mobile gamers play an average of 1.5 hours per session.
  • Almost half of online gamers in Canada (48%) live in an urban setting which is 15 per cent more than those in the US.

Gamers access a plethora of platforms and stores

Globally, active paying gamers polled shop across 14 different gaming platforms and nearly 30 different storefronts over the last three months, an incredible variety.

Leading the world, respondents in Canada and Australia purchased games from 28 different gaming storefronts–followed by Russia (27) and the US (26). The most popular online gaming storefronts selected by Canadian gamers were Google Play (30%), Steam (26%), Apple App Store (26%) and PlayStation Network (25%). Steam was resoundingly popular with Millennials with 35 per cent of Canadian Millennials and 31 per cent of global millennials reporting they shopped there for gaming content.

Twitch, the online gaming platform, is gaining popularity with Canadians with 29 per cent of gaming video content (GVC) viewers in Canada watching it versus a global average of 21 per cent. 

What turns players into payers

An easy payment process is critical to the online gaming experience. Games, platforms and storefronts that provide inadequate payment options may see it negatively impact their bottom line. While gamers prefer a variety in options for shopping, they identified one consistent need across game purchases—seamless payment options. With monetization models changing— developers and publishers need to have an excellent payment checkout experience to better serve customers.

  • Many gamers are put off by issues like long or cumbersome checkouts and lack of security. Specifically, women and gamers aged 18-34 are most likely to be affected by a poor check-out experience.
  • Security is top of mind for Canadian gamers as 20 per cent would pick their payment method because it was secure compared to 13 per cent globally.
  • Canadian gamers state they would walk away from the online sale when selecting payment options (22%), entering billing address (20%) and entering credit card details (18%).
  • Across the world, survey respondents selected PayPal as their preferred way to pay for gaming content, with ease of use and speed driving their payment method choice. PayPal was the most popular payment method used by gamers in Canada (26%).

*Source: PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2018-2022 Outlook:

Study methodology

This study was conducted by SuperData on behalf of PayPal, between February and March 2018 across 25 markets with 25,000 active paying gamers interviewed globally.