Carl Ichan Wants To Roll Up The RIM To Win

A tradition in Canada is to play Roll Up The Rim To Win at the local Tim Horton’s every March. Well, activist investor Carl Ichan wants to roll up to RIM to win. Rumors swirled today that Ichan is going to make a play for the smart phone maker:

Stoked by rumours that legendary activist Carl Icahn was circling the BlackBerry-maker, RIM’s stock had its strongest rally in weeks. More than $1.2-billion of RIM stock traded in New York and Toronto on Tuesday, boosting the company’s stock 3.63 per cent to close at $23.15 on the Toronto Stock Exchange – down from an 8-per-cent spike at midday.

At least something positive happened to the stock. Clearly investors like the Ichan might be getting involved. Clearly Balsillie and Lazaridis have to get their act together because if they don’t, they’ll get to see the sort of fight that Yahoo got a few years ago. Something that Yahoo couldn’t afford at the time, and something they have never fully recovered from. RIM better keep that in Mind.

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