Blackberry Troubles Are Now Worldwide…. Oh My! [UPDATED x2]

We’re now into day three of this Blackberry outage and it is getting worse for RIM. The outage has now gone world wide. As I type this, the e-mails on my Blackberry are about 5 to 6 hours behind what is actually in my Outlook inbox. Also, the apps on my Blackberry that rely on Blackberry data services don’t work. For example, I can’t get weather using WeatherEye, nor does Ubersocial work.

RIM has had outages in the past. But based on my 42 year old memory, this is the worst outage that I have experienced with the company. For a device along with a network that is considered by many to be business critical, this is a massive blow to RIM. They’re going to have to really regain the confidence of their users to keep this from being the nail in their coffin.

UPDATE: Mail has sporadically appeared on my Blackberry over the past few hours, but it’s still behind what’s actually in my inbox. Data services still seem to be problematic as well. Perhaps I should be shopping for an iPhone 4S seeing as my associates who have iPhones are having zero issues getting e-mail at the moment?

UPDATE #2: Things seem to be back to “normal” at the moment. Let’s hope they stay that way.

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  1. You’d think RIM would have a backup system.

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