Day 4 Of The Global Blackberry Outage…. Mike Lazaridis Speaks

So, things seem to be improving with Blackberry service worldwide. But things are not back to normal yet. Having said that, we have one major development. Mike Lazaridis who is the co-CEO of RIM posted a statement on the Blackberry website via YouTube. I’ve posted the YouTube version below:

This is the first time that senior management at RIM has said anything about this global fiasco. One has to think that they should have been out in front of this much earlier. The fact is that RIM may fix this problem, and things may return to normal. But the damage is done. RIM’s reputation is in tatters and you can hear people running to the Apple Store to get iPhones. It’s also going to increase the pressure to dump Lazaridis and his buddy Jim Balsillie… Speaking of the latter where is he? Was he too busy trying to buy a NHL team to say anything? Sorry, I’m digressing here. The point is that this is quickly becoming the event that is either going to cause a major shakeup within the company, or kill it.

Time will tell which it’s going to be and I assure you that we will not have to wait long for the answer.

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