Are People Lining Up To Buy RIM?

RIM may be down in the dumps at the moment, but their stock took a 10% bump yesterday on news that several companies might be after them:

Microsoft and Nokia have been named as potential buyers of Research In Motion by The Wall Street Journal, which on Wednesday reported that the two companies had in recent months discussed of a joint bid for the struggling BlackBerry maker.

The Journal report comes on the heels of a Reuters article from earlier in the week that identified Amazon as a potential RIM suitor before being rebuffed by a company that “prefers to fix its problems on its own.”

Here’s the thing. RIM’s problems need immediate attention. The best way to fix their problems might be to sell to someone who can fix their issues better than the two CEOs who run the company at the moment. Perhaps they should seriously consider a takeover?


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  1. if Rim can see their way through, they should make the effort to come back. It seems the potential purchasers may only be trying to eliminate a competitor to their own product . What befell RIM was unfortunate, but didn’t reflect badly on the intelligence working there or the foresight of the Company and its product planning This market cold use more not less competition . Rim may yet revive its position as a Canadian electronics giant.

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