Rogers Gives Their Users A Early Xmas Present…. And A Peek Into The Future

I’ve got not one, but two announcements from Rogers. Here’s the first one:

We have great SMS news that will now help you manage your Premium SMS messages easier.

We provide a $40 monthly subscription cap for premium SMS programs, so when your subscription to a premium SMS program reaches $40 you won’t receive any more texts or charges.

Rogers/Fido are the only Canadian carriers to also offer other ways to manage these messages. You can now block all premium SMS messages, receive a reminder when you reach $100 for SMS chat programs, and you will now see detailed information on third party premium SMS message services on your bill so if you have questions about a charge, you can easily contact the message provider.

You can find more details on these premium SMS management details on RedBoard.

This is a big deal as so called premium SMS messages can cost mobile phone users a pile of cash and sometimes there’s no easy way to stop the messages. If this can make a difference, then I applaud Rogers for doing this.

Here’s the second announcement.

It’s that time of year where everyone looks ahead to see what’s in store for the new year, and this year, Rogers is adding to the conversation. We have some cool new stats that are uniquely Canadian and provide some very interesting insight into 2012.

The Rogers Innovation Report is a first-of-its-kind survey from Rogers that captures consumer predictions on hot technology topics that impact our daily lives.
For Rogers’ inaugural survey edition, we tracked how tech-savvy Canadians expect technology to transform their lives in 2012. The results are in and we have some exciting findings to share with you and your readers.

Here are a few stats you may be interested in:

  • 73% of Canadians feel that cloud computing will make their lives better
  • 86% of Canadians say faster mobile network speeds on mobile devices will improve their lives
  • 61% feel that the Mobile Wallet will make their lives better
  • 79% expect we will make more purchases with our smartphones and 43% feel that the traditional wallet will be replaced over the new few years

More trends can be found in the infographic posted on RedBoard.

There’s some interesting stats here. It’s worth a look and we’ll see how these pan out.

One Response to “Rogers Gives Their Users A Early Xmas Present…. And A Peek Into The Future”

  1. Not being Tech savvy, I’m left to wonder what is SMS and why is it something I would wish to pay for.having dealt with Rogers the past number of years (a very frustrating experience to say the least ) I’m certain that this is not a magnanimous Offer.

    The Rogers I know don’t get involved in anything that doesn’t have the potential to bring Mega Bucks their way. These people seem to think that the average consumer has unlimited dollars to spend on Technology and Entertainment, Their product pricing is based on a system of continuous upward movement which is designed to see how much the consumer will take. Frankly I would think that most consumers are looking for ways to lessen their monthly cost, and this scheme is not intended to complement that intention.

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