Rogers Announces New LTE Plans And Devices

One of the things that I said in my review of Rogers LTE network was that the price for their LTE plans was something on the high side. I’m guessing that they got the same feedback from others as well as today they adjusted the prices of their plans. Here’s a snippet from RedBoard:

We will also extend our range of 4G HSPA+ mobile internet plans to LTE devices including the Flex Rate plan for Rocket stick and mobile hotspot starting from $22.93 per month and Flex Rate plans for tablets starting from $7.93 per month. We’ll continue to offer the LTE Introductory Plan of $52.93 for 10 GB/month on a three-year-term and plans include no overage fees for the first month.

And there’s more:

Also starting this week, we will be expanding our range of LTE-ready plans for smartphones to include Voice & Data Plans starting from $52.97 per month as well as a $25/500MB Data Plan option that can be added to any voice plan.

That sounds much more reasonable to me. Combined with their recent expansion of their LTE coverage, this should make LTE more appealing to more users. But the news didn’t end there. Some new devices were also launched:

We’ll soon be launching the Sierra Wireless AirCard330U model of the LTE Rocket stick as well as the Sierra Wireless AirCard 763S LTE Rocket mobile hotspot which offer maximum theoretical LTE download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. These devices will be the first to support connectivity on both the 1700/2100 MHz and the 2600 MHz spectrum on Rogers LTE network, offering typical LTE download speeds of up to 40 Mbps, compared to 12-25 Mbps for devices using 1700/2100 MHz only.

It’s nice to see the speeds of LTE go up as I didn’t get 40 Mbps when I tested Rogers LTE network. Let’s hope that the speeds keep going upward and prices keep going down.

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