Rogers To End Throttling In March…. Don’t Celebrate

I’ve openly wondered how long Rogers would take to match Bell in putting an end to throttling their users. Seeing as their traffic management system has been pretty craptastic over the years, it’s long overdue. This week, Rogers announced that throttling was coming to an end via a letter to the CRTC:

In addition, we have been reviewing our traffic shaping policy for several months. New technologies and ongoing investments in network capacity will allow Rogers to begin phasing out that policy starting in March 2012. These changes will be introduced to half of Rogers existing Internet customers by June 2012 and to its remaining customers by December 2012. It will be rolled out in stages to make sure that customers continue to receive a reliable, consistent and fast high speed internet experience.

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. They denied that anything was wrong:

Of course, there have been a few isolated cases of misclassification on other ports which led to the complaint that was referred to the Compliance and Enforcement Sector. However, the issue which you have identified has nothing to do with this misclassification, and we do not believe that it has anything to do with the problems which a few of our customers have experienced while playing online games.

You know, customers of mine who rely on VPNs, play online games would beg to differ. But whatever. As long as throttling ends, users will like that. Now you can fully expect Rogers to jack the pricing of their Internet service shortly thereafter the final death knell of throttling. Because if Rogers doesn’t get you in one way, they’ll get you in another.


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