Dell Voice: An App That Will Help You Cut Your Phone Bill

Got a iPhone or an Android phone, you’re in Canada, and you want to cut your phone bill? Dell has an app called Dell Voice that can help you with that. Dell Voice is loaded with free features that Canadians typically pay for as part of their carrier’s plan. Features included with Dell Voice are free local and long-distance calls to most of Canada, free unlimited incoming calls, free Voicemail, free Caller ID, and free Call Waiting to name a few features. Now there’s a desktop version of this for Windows users as well. But the big news the cost of these apps. It’s free to download. You can call other Dell Voice users free, not to mention that you can call across most of Canada for free as well. You can call over 60 countries with rates starting as low as 2¢/minute plus a 4¢ connection fee. Sounds like a good deal to me. The only thing missing is a Mac version of this app. But if you want an alternative to Skype, you might want to check out Dell Voice.

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  1. I belive its as low as $0.02 per min (canada to usa).

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