Rogers Responds To A Customers Concern Regarding Remotely Accessing A Router

You might recall that I posted a story about a customer who was concerned about Rogers remotely accessing his Rogers supplied router and changing the password on it. I contacted Rogers to get their side of the story and got this reply:

As per your questions about your post, if a rep is unable to trouble shoot over the phone, they may temporarily access the router remotely for the purpose of resolving the customer’s connectivity issues. All representatives are trained to advise customers before accessing their router and all actions taken by a rep are logged and monitored.  They are not able to access the computer’s hard drive and personal information and files cannot be viewed from this channel. If a rep needed to resolve an issue beyond the router, they would need to get the customer’s permission in order to remotely access their computer. But this can only be initiated by the customer at their computer.

Based on Rogers response, I suspect (but I do not have proof. I am asking the customer for clarification on that point) that the Rogers tech support agent that the customer spoke to either didn’t make themselves clear or didn’t ask for permission before accessing the router and changing the password. Since I do call center consulting as part of my services, I suggested to Rogers that they might want to change their QA processes to ensure 100% compliance.  That would usually involve a supervisor or a dedicated QA person listening to recorded calls and grading them. Then the agents are given feedback in a coaching session. Problems are identified and this allows a call center to dismiss low performing agents who have poor customer service skills or do not adhere to whatever policies are present within the call center. Chances are that Rogers are doing some form of this anyway. They simply need to tweak it and I think it will help to avoid situations like this going forward.

The second thing that I asked about is if this stated on their website anywhere. I’m still waiting for a reply on that front. I think a clear statement that spells this sort of thing out which is easy to find would help to avoid situations like this. Rogers should consider putting up a statement on their website (assuming one isn’t already there).

More updates as they come.

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