Anonymous Claims That They Hacked The Ontario Police Chiefs’ Website

Anonymous threatened to take action against those who supported a bill that will give Canadian police the ability to read Canadians’ emails and track their movements through cellphone signals without a warrant. It seems that they’ve acted upon of that threat by hacking the Ontario Police Chiefs’ website:

A cyber attack on the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s website has only bolstered the organization’s support for the government’s controversial online surveillance bill, a spokesman said Saturday.

The association took down the site after it was hacked late Friday afternoon by people claiming to be linked to the group Anonymous, association spokesman Joe Couto said.

Well, that’s really going to help derail that bill. In fact it appears to have bolstered the support of the bill:

“What this does is demonstrate quite clearly to Canadians the type of cyber crimes perpetuated every day,” Mr. Couto said Saturday.

“The citizens of this province and this country are asking us to address cyber crimes and we need tools for that,” he said.

Well, I suspect that it’s game on now. We’ll see what the next move is.

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