The Customer Who Had Rogers Access Their Router Responds

Due to a large volume of e-mails asking for an update to this topic, I’ll provide one now. Thanks for your patience.

If you recall my last posting on this topic, Rogers responded to my e-mail with a statement. The customer at the center of this almost instantly responded to me regarding what Rogers said in their reply:

“The Rogers rep did not ask or even advise me that he was going into the router (although indirectly; he said he’s changing the settings from wpa2 to wpa (or something along those lines)). At the end I asked him if he went into the router and he said yes and I asked if he changed my password on the router and he said no but he did. Basically, If I didn’t put two and two together I would never have known as he never asked for my permission nor did he even advise me. “

It really sounds like there’s a severe disconnect here. Rogers said this to me previously:

All representatives are trained to advise customers before accessing their router and all actions taken by a rep are logged and monitored.”

It sounds like this didn’t happen in this case. I’ve asked Rogers for a response and that was on Wednesday. I was told that I’d have a response by Friday, but I have heard nothing other than a response is coming. I’ve also asked if someone from Rogers customer relations would like to speak to the customer directly. I haven’t heard anything on that front as well. I have to admit that I’m troubled by this. So I am interested to see what response Rogers provides. So would many others from what I can tell.

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