Liberal Staffer Fingered As The One Who Tweeted Details About Vic Towes Divorce

You might remember Bill C-30 which everybody seems to be really ticked off about. During that circus, some rather tawdry details about Justice Minister Vic Towes divorce became public via a Twitter account. Today a Liberal party staffer admitted to being the author of those tweets:

Interim Leader Bob Rae told reporters that Liberal staff member Adam Carroll was responsible for the “Vikileaks” campaign that relayed personal attacks on Mr. Toews in retaliation for the introduction of a Conservative bill that would give police new Web-snooping powers.

Mr. Rae said it was the Clerk of the House of Commons who had told the Liberals that Mr. Carroll’s name had been linked to Vikileaks after Mr. Toews asked for an investigation. The Conservatives had initially accused the New Democrats of being behind the site.

“I met with Mr. Carroll this morning. We went over what he did. He was extremely apologetic,” Mr. Rae said. “He’s a perfectly nice, hard-working individual who showed a real error in judgment.”

Mr. Carroll was particularly upset by Mr. Toews’s accusations that anyone who did not support Bill C-30 was siding with child pornographers and also at earlier statements by a Conservative MP who compared gun-registry supporters to Adolf Hitler, according to Mr. Rae.

But “that was no excuse,” Mr. Rae added. “Nastiness begets other forms of nastiness. At some point you have to stop.”

Rae apologized to the House of Commons, but I doubt this will put an end to the Bill C-30 firestorm. You can fully expect this to resurface shortly when the bill returns to the Commons for third reading.

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