Rogers Has Lots Of LTE News

It seems that most of my news lately has been about Rogers. Both of the good and bad variety. This post is of the good variety. Rogers sent me an e-mail that they have expanded their LTE network:

Rogers LTE network is now live in St.John’s making Rogers the first carrier to bring the fastest wireless speeds in Canada to Newfoundlanders. We’re now offering LTE to a total of 11 million Canadians and we’ll double our coverage this year with plans to expand to more than 25 cities in 2012, including Halifax and surrounding areas.

In addition to expanding our network, we’re also expanding our leading lineup of LTE smartphones with two new exclusive LTE devices available this spring:  the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC One X.
More details about these launches can be found on RedBoard.  For details on the Rogers LTE network, you can check out

So it seems that Rogers is serious about LTE as they want to have coast to coast coverage. As this coverage expands and prices drop, I might be tempted to pick up a LTE RocketStick. We’ll see if the trend continues.



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