The New iPad Goes On Sale… World Goes Bonkers

Though this likely falls under the category of “good luck with that,”  the new iPad has gone on sale. Thus if you want one, you can try and get one. The Guardian has coverage of the hysteria that this has created, and it’s a safe bet that Apple’s stock price will break the $600 a share that it touched briefly earlier this week. There’s other news as well. If you’re on Sprint, you can apparently make your iPad work on AT&T’s network using a MicroSIM card from AT&T. Though you have to wonder why you would do this given AT&T’s rather craptastic customer service. Rogers also dropped me this news:

The new LTE enabled iPad launches today and we’re excited to offer a fantastic promotion that will help customers stay connected. Beginning today, customers activating the Rogers $5/month Tablet Flex Rate Plan will enjoy unlimited data for the first 2 months, then double the data for the next 4 months. No activation fee without a term commitment. This promotion is available for all iPad models with Wi-Fi + 3G or Wi-Fi + 4G as well as our all other tablets.

Clearly Rogers wants to cash in on this and I don’t blame them. Check out Redboard for more details.

I have yet to see a new iPad, but the reviews are out and are generally positive, though one review suggests that if you have the iPad 2, you shouldn’t rush out to get this iPad. If you have one, let us know what you think of it by writing a comment below.

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