Google And FTC Close To Settlement Over Safari Privacy Issues

According to the LA Times, Google is close to reaching a deal that would require the company to fork over $22.5 million to make their issues with bypassing Apple Safari’s privacy controls go away:

Though the settlement still requires final approvals and could be changed before being announced to the public, people familiar with the matter say the agency and Google have agreed on a proposed settlement.

The dollar value is a significant one believe it or not:

If the settlement does come in at $22.5 million, the report says that amount would be the largest penalty ever imposed by the FTC but not the most Google has ever had to pay in a settlement — that distinction belongs to a $500-million settlement the company came to with the Justice Department last year for allegedly “promoting unlawful sales of prescription drugs,” according to the Journal report.

But Google’s problems aren’t over. The EU is looking at Google as well and they likely won’t be as nice as the FTC.

So much for not being evil.

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