Review: OS X Mountian Lion – Part 1: The Install

Normally, I don’t install any new OS the second it comes out. I usually wait until the first few bug fixes or service pack in the case of Windows comes out before diving in. That changed last night when I dropped $19.99 to get OS X Mountain Lion onto my MacBook Pro. It’s only available from the App Store and once you pay your money it starts a download of 4.3 GB. Make sure you’ve got a fast connection or that will take a while. Once that’s done it will start an installer that will do three minutes or work and then reboots your computer. The install then continues for the next 40 minutes or so and then there’s another reboot. At that point you’ve got Mountain Lion. Sound familiar? It’s basically the way you got OS X Lion last year. It’s clean and and simple. Anyone can do it.

Now, having had the OS installed for 24 hours I can say that I have not had any problems thus far. All my apps work and I haven’t had to re-learn anything the way I did with Lion. That’s a good thing. I can also say that it fixed a few annoyances that I had with Lion. More on that later.

The next part of this review will cover the new features that are part of this OS.

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