BlackBerry Sales Drops To Zero In ‘A Meaningful Number’ Of Stores

It’s not a secret that RIM is in trouble, but this is another sign of how much trouble they’re in. James Faucette told All Things Digital that Blackberry sales were, well…. Let him break the bad news:

“Our sell-through checks in the United States indicate that BlackBerry sales were largely unchanged in August versus July; however, we detected meaningfully lower inventory levels versus a month ago,” Faucette explains. “In terms of sell-through, we believe that current run rates are roughly one-fifth of those we saw in the United States just eight months ago. Further, we found a meaningful number of carrier retail locations which had not sold a single BlackBerry in over a month.”

Translation: Nobody is buying BlackBerry products and carriers aren’t going out of their way to stock them. When it comes to the latter, why should they? Carriers have to stock what sells. Otherwise their shareholders will be ticked off that they aren’t rolling in the dough. Considering that the new iPhone 5 hits the streets tomorrow, there’s lots from the Android universe, and even Microsoft has a new Windows Phone OS out there, RIM is looking like less of an option for smartphone buyers. Any answer that RIM has comes next year, which may be way too late for them.

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