iPhone 5 Announced…. Along With New iPods

If you’re an Apple fanboi, or Wall Street, you’ve been waiting for today. The much rumored and hyped iPhone 5 was launched. If you want to see the whole event, watch the video here. But here’s the highlights in case you don’t have time. First there’s the iPhone 5. The key features are:

  • A glass and aluminum enclosure that’s 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 and weighs in 20% lighter than these previous models at 112 grams.
  • It has a 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixel (326 pixels per inch) Retina Display giving it the same width as the iPhone 4S but a taller form factor.
  • LTE connectivity
  • An A6 processor that’s twice as fast as the previous A5 processor, and is 22% smaller and more efficient.
  • 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time or browsing or 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing or 225 hours of standby time.
  • Improved camera optics
  • The front camera will do 720p HD video capture with the ability to take photos while recording video.
  • Three microphones
  • New earphones called Earpods which you can purchase separately.
  • iOS 6
  • Improved Siri interface

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 will begin on Friday, September 14 and Apple will begin shipping the new device on September 21 in nine countries including the US and Canada. Other countries will follow shortly.

Apple also announced two new iPods today. There’s a new iPod Touch that mimics the form factor of the iPhone 5, but only comes sporting an A5 processor. comes in five colors and will be available in October at $299 USD (32GB) and $399 USD (64GB). Next is the new iPod Nano which now has a 2.5″ screen and multi-touch interface. It has an FM receiver, widescreen video, pedometer, and Bluetooth. The new iPod nano comes in 7 colors and will be available in October for $149 USD for 16GB.

In all cases, Apple has introduced an new connector called “Lightning” to complement the “Thunderbolt” connector on their computers. It’s described as an all-digital, 8-signal design with an adaptive interface, and improved durability. Apple will be providing an adapter for existing accessories. Companies like Bose, JBL, B&W, and B&O are already working on devices that use the new connector. Oh yeah. There’s also the iPod Shuffle which was upgraded with new color choices, but the same $49 USD pricing and 2GB capacity.

So, will you be lining up for a iPhone 5 in a couple of weeks?

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