RIM And Microsoft Hook Up…. Nobody Really Cares

No, RIM was not bought by Microsoft. RIM shareholders could only wish for that. What happened instead is that the two companies signed a deal where RIM will license Microsoft technology:

In a news release, Microsoft said the file system RIM now has access to “facilitates large files for audiovisual media and enables seamless data portability and an easy interchange between desktop PCs and other electronic devices,” known as Extended File Allocation Table.

RIM spokesperson Nick Manning said the deal will allow RIM’s BlackBerry devices to deal better with large media files, such as HD video, and will improve compatibility between BlackBerrys and PCs.

“There’s limitations to older file formats,” said Kevin Restivo, a mobile device analyst with global research firm IDC. “RIM is girding itself for the BlackBerry 10 launch and future BlackBerry 10 sales and it’s defending itself against any potential legal issues … Most importantly, it allows users to more easily move around large files.”

Net result? RIM stock went up by 17 cents. Will it make a difference for RIM?


With reports that iPhone enterprise security is equal to the BlackBerry, and the worst case is that Apple will sell 6 million of them on launch weekend, but they’ll likely move 8 to 10 million, you can only come to one conclusion. That conclusion is that RIM is screwed.

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