Badgeville Increases User Adoption Of Salesforce Via Gamification [UPDATED]

If your business uses customer relationship management (CRM) software, getting buy in from users is always a challenge. The main problem is motivating employees to fully leverage the CRM software to it’s fullest. Failure in this department often results is lost dollars, productivity, and customer satisfaction. So how do you drive employee adoption?

Badgeville has the answer for those who use Salesforce. Badgeville for which was announced this morning uses gamification which is a modern business strategy that uses proven techniques from social gaming to measure and influence behavior. These techniques can be applied across virtually any user experience where increasing specific behaviors add value to a business or organization. That’s great if you’re of the Xbox or PS3 generation, or if you’re like me grew up on Donkey Kong and Pac Man.

Here’s an example. We all want to be at the top of the heap. So what Badgeville for Salesforce helps a company to do is to create “missions” that reinforce behaviors that you want to encourage.

Complete the missions and you could be at the top of the leaderboard:

Not only that, users can congratulate and encourage each other:

Skeptical? You shouldn’t be. Take a look at whom their customers are. The people on this list aren’t small companies. They wouldn’t be customers if this wasn’t something that worked for them. The fact is that companies have to make sure their CRM systems return a great ROI. Badgeville clearly has somthing that will help to drive that.

If you want to see this first hand and you’re around San Francisco this week, drop by DreamForce 2012 and see Badgeville in booth 342 for a first hand look at this product.

UPDATE: Badgeville is hosting a Webinar promoting this on Oct 3rd along with one of America’s leading sales management consultants –  Anneke Seley.

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