BlackBerry Outage Hits Europe, Middle East, And Africa On The Day The iPhone 5 Hits The Streets… Ouch!

Of all days to have an outage, RIM had to have one today. BlackBerry users in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa were without service for some part of Friday:

BlackBerry announced the issues in postings on Facebook and Twitter, and later issued a statement to media apologizing for the problem — which the company said had been fixed.

“Our apologies to any customers impacted by the BlackBerry service issue today. We can confirm that services have been restored and are now operating normally,” the company said in an e-mail.

Meanwhile, people a lining up outside of Apple stores to get their hands on the iPhone 5 as it launches today. One wonders how many of them are defecting from the BlackBerry platform? I’m guessing that what ever number that is, it has just increased.

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