Apps And A Case For My Wife’s iPhone 5

It’s been a whole week since my wife got an iPhone 5. She’s done two things to this point. First she’s downloaded a number of apps. For example she has an app to aid in her Starbucks addiction, an app to help her find cheap gas, get recipes, and even solitaire. But her favorite app is the Nike + app that allows her to map her runs and keep track of all sorts of stats such as distance, pace, and time. It’s making her running friends jealous.

I was also feeling uncomfortable that she was putting the phone in her purse without any protection. So I bought her a case to make sure her new phone didn’t get scratched or worse. I did some research and found that there were not a whole lot of cases out there yet. But I did find this one by UK company Tech21 and I was able to grab it at my local Best Buy. One thing that drew me to it was the fact that it had a cover for the screen. That’s big for me as I know lots of people who have their screens cracked by things in their pocket or purse. It also has a hard shell polycarbonate casing which will help it to protect the iPhone from drops. At the same time, I bought her an extra Lightning cable as her use of the iPhone 5 which has been non-stop since she got it has really taxed the battery. Thus I wanted to make sure she could recharge the phone if she needed to.

What surprises me about all of this is the fact that she’s said for years that she’s not the smart phone type and would barely use one. That was true with her Palm Centro which to her was just a phone that happened to get e-mail and had her schedule and contacts. Now she’s checking her e-mail from her work account, her home account, and her iCloud account every time the phone goes “ding.” Sounds like she’s now an iPhone addict.

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