My Wife Hates Maps On Her iPhone 5

I was wondering when Maps was going to pop up into this discussion.

Long story short. My wife took the car to go do some errands and forgot the Garmin GPS. Along the way she needed to pay a visit to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart. So she used the Maps app on her iPhone 5 to point her in the right direction. That’s where the frustration began. She searched for the words “Shoppers Drug Mart” and found one. The problem one was that the one that was found was 15 minutes away. There was another in a shopping mall one less than 10 minutes away. But she couldn’t get it to display directions no matter what she searched for. She eventually entered a grocery store that she knew was in the same mall to find her way there. Once she arrived, she texted me the following:

Maps Sucks!

When she got home, I had a look at the phone and started fooling around with different search terms. I then discovered the following:

  • If I searched for the words “Shopper’s Drug Mart” as opposed to “Shoppers Drug Mart” which is the proper name of the store, I could find the location that she was looking for.
  • When I went to more details for the location, it was called “Shoppers Drug Mart” and the phone number was completely wrong.

I can only conclude that the crowd sourced data that Maps is partially based on is questionable in quality. I say that because I ran the same “Shoppers Drug Mart” search on our Garmin GPS and found both locations. Not only that, but I found it by running a search for “Shopper’s Drug Mart” and got the same result.

Now I have written about Tim Cook’s apology and the fact that Apple is directing users towards alternatives, and I’ll be looking at those alternatives until Apple gets around to fixing Maps. As far as I am concerned, that day cannot come soon enough.

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