Android 4.2: Buggy, Buggy, Buggy

If you’re an Android user and you haven’t upgraded to Android 4.2 (AKA: Jelly Bean), I would suggest that you don’t. If you already have, I pity you. According to many including Android Police, it’s incredibly bug ridden:

We all love Android, and we also love when Google releases a new iteration of our favorite mobile OS. Sometimes, though, even Google screws up a bit, and Android 4.2 is looking to be one of the most bug-ridden releases since Honeycomb. And, let’s be honest: 4.2 isn’t exactly the leap that 2.3 to 3.0 was, either. Chances are, if you’re on Android 4.2, you’ve experienced at least one of the issues here. Some aren’t that bad, but some can just ruin your day, and we’re a little shocked Google missed them.

That doesn’t sound good. What kind of bugs am I talking about? Here’s a list:

  • Auto-Brightness Bugs
  • Bluetooth Is Basically Broken
  • Random Reboots / Major Instability
  • Extreme Battery Drain / Slow Charging
  • Lockscreen Widgets / Camera App
  • December Is Missing (seriously, Google forgot to include the month of December)

Read the article for details, but it really doesn’t look good. It it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Google when they’re trying to keep pace with Apple and fend off Microsoft in the smartphone market.


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