Inside The Tesla Dealership And The Microsoft Store At Yorkdale Mall

While we did go to Yorkdale Mall to get my wife a new Mac Mini, we also got to take a look at a new addition to the mall which contained two stores that caught our eyes.

The first was the new Microsoft Store. The reason for Microsoft opening their own retail stores is similar to what Apple did over a decade ago. That is to get their products into high traffic areas and share the wisdom of using Microsoft products in an environment that allows you the customer to play with them and become comfortable with them. Here’s the outside of the store:

Hmmm…. That’s a familiar look. It looks like an Apple store with the Apple logo replaced by a Microsoft logo. How about the inside of the store? Two things are different. First, it had a wall made up of TVs:

And though I didn’t grab a picture of it, there’s an enclosed glass area at the back of the store where seminars take place. I like that as I’ve often heard complaints that the Apple Store needs something like this for people who are getting tips and instruction on how to use their Mac or iDevice. Now take a look at one of the displays:

Again, it’s really similar to what you would find in an Apple Store. My wife summed up the Microsoft Store this way: It looks like an Apple Store, feels like an Apple Store, and is as busy as an Apple Store. The only difference is that besides the glass enclosed seminar area, nobody is walking out with big purchases like in the Apple Store where you see people walking out with MacBooks, iMacs, and other computers all the time. Not to mention that so many people want to buy stuff that the store staff can’t take their credit cards fast enough and they have to have an app to help with that. Her other comment was that it was disappointing that Microsoft couldn’t come up with a retail concept that was more original. I can’t say that I disagree. One thing to note. The Apple Store in Yorkdale mall appears to be about to open a larger location just down the hall from the Microsoft Store. Let the games begin.

Now over to the Tesla Dealership. Tesla Motors is in the news for becoming the first non-gas powered car to win Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year Award. They’re also in the news for opening their first dealership in Canada. Here’s the outside of the dealership:

It doesn’t look that big from the outside, and it isn’t. But the space is well used. Though I didn’t photograph it, one of the cool things that you can do is customize your car using some computers on the sides of the store and display the result on a massive TV at the back of the dealership. You can also look and touch the interior trimmings as well as see other options such as wheels as well.

But you’re really here to see the Model S which is the sedan that won Motor Trend’s Car Of The Year:

It looks really hot, and it’s actually practical. Take a look at the trunk:

Inside is a huge touchscreen that allows you to control things like the HVAC system, surf the net and use as a navigation system:

I picked up some info on the vehicle and I was impressed with the Model S on paper. I’ve reached out to Tesla to see if I can get a more in depth look at the Model S and the dealership. Two questions pop to mind: How do you do a test drive (I’m guessing they’ve got a few vehicles parked someplace) and where do you get the car serviced? Also, why open a dealership in a shopping mall?

So, have you been to a Tesla Dealership or a Microsoft Store? If so, what did you think of them? Post a comment below.

2 Responses to “Inside The Tesla Dealership And The Microsoft Store At Yorkdale Mall”

  1. Raza Khan Says:

    I can answer some of your questions…

    They have a car downstairs which you can book to test drive once you are planning to reserve the car.

    the service center is in Mississauga, ON.

    The model Tesla choose is not to go through regular dealerships as other auto companies do. This is to skip the middle man and just go to the customer. The stores in the malls are gallaries where customers are not forced to buy the car and are given informative information about the tech and the car itself.

  2. […] I don’t think that Microsoft stores yielded the results that Microsoft wanted them to hit. I visited the one in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall a few years ago, which ironically was down the hall from an Apple Store. My wife and I walked away with the […]

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