In Depth: Rogers Wireless Home Phone

You might recall that I wrote about Rogers announcement of Rogers Wireless Home Phone. I wanted to get some clarification on what makes this service different and unique, so I reached out to Rogers with few questions and here’s what I got back:

Tell me about Rogers Wireless Home Phone

Rogers Wireless Home Phone service offers a traditional home or office phone service using existing fixed line telephones without the need for a landline or internet connection. Customers simply need to purchase the Wireless Home Phone device, which is an electrically powered adapter with an active SIM card, plug an existing cordless or corded phone into that device and begin making calls over the Rogers wireless network. The Wireless Home Phone service offers a value-priced home phone solution for our customers. We’re delivering more choice for our customers outside of our Home Phone territory.

At first glance, this seems to extend your reach to customers that you would not normally get to. Is that a correct assumption?

Yes, we are leveraging our network investments to provide more value to our customers. We wanted to offer our customers who are outside of our Rogers Home Phone territory an innovative and affordable home phone and business phone solution. The Wireless Home Phone and Wireless Business Phone is a cost-effective and flexible way our customers can stay connected to loved ones and colleagues.

Why should a customer choose this over a cell phone?

The service is suited for those customers who still require or want a home phone-like experience, at a lower cost. Home phone continues to be a strong category for families. The portable nature of the device is convenient for customers who have a temporary or second home and want to keep the same number.

How do you address safety and security issues. Example 911 calls (seeing as the device can be moved) and potential issues with the wireless network (as unlikely as that may be)?

Emergency calls i.e. 911 calls are treated the same as they are today on wireless. Calling 911 from the Wireless Home Phone service will operate as any 911 call placed today from a wireless phone.  The call will be routed to emergency services and the subscribers number and location of the cell site servicing the call will be provided.

So to me it sounds like Rogers is offering a home phone service that is different and unique at a price point that they are used to along with the sort of features that customers have received in a home phone service. Expect Rogers to make wireline providers outside Rogers traditional service areas nervous.


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