Hey IT Nerd! Are You Still Going To Switch From Teksavvy?

I just got this question in my inbox:

I’ve been reading your posts about getting your DSL fixed and the problems you had with that. You mentioned that you were looking at switching away from Teksavvy to another provider for DSL and phone. Is that still the case? 

In short, not at the moment. The longer answer goes something like this: After my discussion with Tina Furlan who is Director of Marketing and Communications at TekSavvy to get their side of the story, I have no plans to move to another provider. I am satisfied with their response to my issue and for taking the time to answer my questions. That allows me to give them another chance. Now I will admit that “Joe Average” isn’t going to get a call from a director from a major telco. But the fact that Teksavvy even bothered made me reconsider switching.  Now, if their problems get worse, that may change, but for now I will stick with them.


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