Rogers And Fido Voice And SMS Service Down [UPDATED x4]

Rogers and Fido are struggling with a voice and SMS service outage that is nationwide. Here’s what their respective Twitter feeds have said:

I’m sure that things will be back up and running shortly. But in the meantime, people on Twitter couldn’t resist taking shots at their issues:

Sucks to be Rogers and Fido right about now.

UPDATE: It looks like data services are affected as well. Take this Tweet from Beck Taxi in Toronto:

Expect Bell and Telus among other carriers to be getting some new customers.

UPDATE #2: A bunch of hashtags have sprung up including #rogersfail and #rogersoutrage. Not only that, according to my iPhone, which is not on Rogers, Rogers and Fido are starting to trend worldwide on Twitter. Not good from a PR perspective from a company that uses the tagline “Canada’s reliable network.”

UPDATE #3: Everything is back up and Rogers posted this to their Twitter feed:

They also put out this press release where their CEO apologizes.

UPDATE #4: Rogers is looking at compensating Pay As You Go customers as per this Tweet:



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