Hey IT Nerd! Do You Regret Moving To Rogers? [UPDATED]

I have to admit that I was expecting a question like this to appear in my inbox given how much traffic, comments, and e-mails that my posts on Rogers tend to generate. This morning it did appear in my inbox:

IT Nerd. I’ve been following your move from Teksavvy to Rogers and I’m sorry, but not surprised that you’ve had an issue as that’s typical for Rogers. What I’d like you to comment on is if you regret moving to Rogers? Also, seeing as a Rogers rep told you and your spouse something that wasn’t true, why aren’t you pushing that to the highest levels as that’s kind of dishonest on the part of Rogers is it not? 

Thank you.

Thanks for the question.

If I have to look at the experience critically, this is what I see:

  • The install of my services went perfectly. Not only that, the person who came to our condo was outstanding.
  • As I type this everything still works perfectly.
  • Though I hope this never happens, if I have a technical problem, I suspect it will get fixed expediently as Rogers is responsible for their infrastructure from end-to-end.

Plus, the billing issue that we had wasn’t really a billing issue as such. Though I am keeping an eye on it. There was a combination of a lack of clarity in terms of how Rogers describes its discounts on paper, and a agent who either accidentally or deliberately told us that we were getting a free modem for our Internet. Now the fact that we aren’t getting a free modem doesn’t change how much we pay, so that’s why I’m not pursuing that issue. Though I know what I heard and my wife knows what she heard, so it’s unlikely that both of us are to quote Roger Clemens “mis-remembering” our interaction with the Rogers agent we spoke to. If we are, we’d love to know about it as we have no problem being told that we’re wrong about this. But if there was anything out of this whole experience that could be considered to be negative, it’s that and I hope that Rogers investigates that and addresses it if required.

The flipside to that is that I have seen areas where Rogers have improved things. When this billing issue blew up they recognized the need to escalate and the “manager” that I spoke to promised to follow up to make sure everything was okay in September so that we didn’t have to chase him (though I’ll be doing my own follow up at that time as well). Two or three years ago, that wouldn’t have happened, and that’s good on their part. They still have some work to do, such as better follow up from @RogersHelps, and from a perception standpoint as your e-mail illustrates. But I think they are trending in the right direction.

So to answer your question, I don’t regret moving to Rogers as it was the right decision for my wife and I all things considered.

UPDATE: Shortly after I posted this, @RogersHelps reached out to me and investigated this. The long and short of it is that Rogers will be applying “a lump sum credit of the $8/month over 2 years” to our account. That’s a very good gesture and I thank @RogersHelps for their assistance in sorting this out.


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