It Seems That Apple Does Have A Quality Problem With The MacBook Pro

I spent the weekend researching why I might have had three drives fail on my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro. The most recent being this past Saturday. The answer is, that it appears to be a pervasive quality issue with Apple. i cite as evidence these threads from the Apple Discussion boards and I will provide a few quotes:

I have had 2 new hard drives put into my MacBook Pro ( mid 2012 ) since July this year but the third one has just failed again.

I collected my MacBook on Saturday ( 7th September ) and I didn’t have it 24 hours before I saw the same problem happening again.

The machine will constantly beachball on me and then freeze up completely, I end up getting the folder with a question mark in it.

I’d tried to reinstall the OS but it cannot find a disk to install it onto.

Does anyone know what’s causing this constant problem?


Unfortunately, it’s incredible to say my Macbook Pro Hard Drive Cable required 3 times of replacements within 2 years. The first time of mal-function happen in the warranty period, so Authorized Apple Office replaced it. 6 months later, the bad “symptom” happen again with question mark folder on boot up screen and recovered after replacement of used hard drive cable. Six months later, question mark folder boot screen happen again and disappear after install a good HDD cable from another Macbook Pro.

There are other threads with similar reports that I didn’t decide to post. But if you spend some time with the search engine of your choice, you’ll find them easily.

On top of that, I also noted that 2011 MacBook Pro users have been plagued by repeated graphic card failures as evidenced by this massive thread on the Apple Discussion boards. This has led to a lawsuit as Apple has failed to properly address this issue.

Clearly, Apple’s quality has slipped and clearly they aren’t addressing their users concerns. Instead, it appears that they are staying mum on these issues. That’s disappointing as it really seams that Apple is not focused creating quality computers that their users can rely on. After all it used to be that you pay more with Apple to get a better product. Clearly that’s no longer the case. Thus I am strongly re-evaluating where my next computer will come from.

Oh, if there’s a class action lawsuit regarding repeated drive failures in MacBook Pro’s, let me know. I’d love to sign up.


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