Netflix ISP Index Shows A Lot Of Change In Canadian Rankings

The last few ISP Speed Indexes published by Netflix showed that Canadian ISPs were all bunched up with roughly the same levels of performance. That’s changed with the Speed Index For January that was released today. Here’s the highlights:

  • SaskTel – Fiber Optic jumped up two spots to 4th.
  • Shaw dropped two spots to 6th.
  • Telus and Bell each went up a spot to 11th and 12th respectively.
  • Teksavvy dropped two spots to 13th.
  • The kings of the hill were Bell Canada’s Fiber Optic service.
  • The spread between the top ten was .46 Mbps which is a bit wider than last month.

You can bet that there’s some explaining going on in the boardrooms of those who dropped in this ranking.

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