OVH Moving Towards Complete PCI DSS Certified Infrastructure

OVH, specializing in cloud and Internet infrastructures, has received PCI DSS certification when it comes to online payment systems for its entire range of brands, This demonstrates its commitment in the fight against bank card fraud. This approach is also part of OVH’s global strategy concerning certifications providing recognition that its infrastructure and services conform to best practices and international standards.

PCI DSS, International standards issued by the Security Standard Council for the payment card industry ensures banking agencies and customers that actors handling confidential data related to payment cards meet specific security requirements.

Since the establishment of its online payment service in 2009, the group applies and continually improves physical and software security procedures. Today, all control points, technical, organizational or human are recognized to be in compliance with PCI DSS requirements. This approach in compliance has been audited by the QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) of Hervé Schauer Consultants (HSC By Deloitte since January 2015).

This recognition is a new step for the group and its next is aimed at PCI DSS certification for its Dedicated Cloud infrastructure, which will provide additional benefits to their customers. E-tailers with a cloud infrastructure will benefit most. An advantage, for example: a payment application based on an OVH PCI DSS certified cloud architecture, would allow for faster customer accreditation on the part of the points of control that have already been validated by the group. In addition, the security of online transactions for the customers of these online retailers will also benefit from this progress.

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