I Now Have Android Auto And Apple CarPlay In My 2016 Hyundai Tucson

Given that I’ve been writing about the fact that Canadian Hyundai owners didn’t get a free update to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay when our friends down south in the USA did, I was not expecting to get it in my 2016 Tucson anytime soon. But that changed after I had a conversation with Hyundai Canada about the situation as I was tipped off by a reader of the Hyundai Forums that they were offering the update for $235 USD on an SD Card with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Now that’s not inexpensive by any means. But here’s where I stand on this issue. As far as I can find, nobody was promised by Hyundai Canada (by that I mean their corporate offices and not your local dealer) that this update would be free for all. I also cannot find anything in the media materials or in the corporate marketing stuff that dealers get that this ever promised to be free or even possible. Thus it would be unreasonable for me to hold Hyundai Canada accountable for a promise that was likely never made by them. That also means that if I wanted this functionality, I need to pay for it. Now here’s the flip side of that argument. Hyundai USA, Ford and FCA are offering updates to millions of their customers that give them some or all of this functionality for free. Hyundai Canada from an optics perspective looks out of step here by not being able to do the same for whatever reason. From my conversation with them, they appear to want to deliver on this front on some level. I hope for their sake that they do so as based on the comments to my stories on this subject, not to mention e-mails on the subject that I have received, consumers really expect updates like these for free as a matter of course, and will make their vehicle purchasing decisions based on that.

In any case, back to how I got Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on my 2016 Tucson. Canadians can order it from MnSOFT’s Canadian web page. What comes in the package is an SD Card that you pop into your infotainment system. Then you follow these instructions [Warning: PDF] to install it. Be warned it takes 40 minutes and you have to leave your car running while it is updating or bad things will happen to your infotainment system. But once it is done, you will get two icons. One for Apple CarPlay:


One for Android Auto:


You’ll notice that they are greyed out. They only work when you plug a Android or iOS device into your infotainment system. Since I only had an iPhone 6 with me, I plugged it in and this is what I got:


The Apple CarPlay interface was available for use after I plugged in my phone and pushed the icon for it. I tested it briefly and Siri, Maps, Messages, Music and Phone and it all worked without an issue. Navigation through the user interface of Apple CarPlay was smooth and fluid with no stuttering that I could find. I plan on doing some in-depth testing of both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the coming days including doing video demos of both, so please stay tuned for that.

The bottom line is that Canadians who want Android Auto or Apple CarPlay on their Hyundai have an option via MnSOFT, assuming their car is compatible of course and they’re willing to pay. But while this might be good news for Canadians, it really does create a hell of an optics and PR mess for Hyundai Canada who have had problems bringing both to the Canadian market, never mind any talk of retrofitting cars that might be compatible. It will be interesting to see what happens on that front.

46 Responses to “I Now Have Android Auto And Apple CarPlay In My 2016 Hyundai Tucson”

  1. Really enjoy your posts! I can’t thank you enough for a solution. One comment that I have is that Hyundai Canada did advertise the 2016 Tucson as having Android Auto on their website and based on that and promises made by my dealer I bought a Tucson. I have screen shots and videos of their Canadian website advertising Andriod Auto. Before signing on the bottom line I asked on three separate occasions that the navigation system would have traffic capability and was promised it did through SirusXM and that I would get a free update to AppleCar play and Android Auto by March 2016. I believed this as my 2014 Santa Fe has traffic via SirusXM and I couldn’t see Hyundai taking a step backwards in regards to their information system. I was wrong. It doesn’t have anything. When I picked up the vehicle and went through the walk through the dealer put the SD card in and told me it wasn’t showing now because it takes 5-10 mins to load….it’s been 6 months. lol. No free passes! It is out right false advertising and they need to make it right.

    • Thank you. I know of the screen shots of Android Auto in the Tucson. I first raised that a while ago in the first post that I wrote on this topic. When I spoke to Hyundai Canada about it a couple of days ago, that feature was removed off their website within an hour according to Google Cache. But that was a very recent thing. As far as I can tell, it popped up in the springtime. It wasn’t there when I bought the Tucson in September. It could be a mistake, or it may not be. I could argue that either way. The bottom line is that Hyundai Canada has a PR and optics issue that they need to deal with quickly based on the e-mails that I am getting.

  2. JF Laplante Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. I will probably do the same as you and pay to upgrade my car but I can’t agree with you regarding Hyundai Canada. This upgrade as been promised by dealers and mentioned on Google own Android Auto website and expected by everyone. My main point is that based on the PDF that was sent to dealers by Hyundai Canada and carefully worded to try to extract themselves from this obligation is mentioning over and over that it can’t ben done because of the difference in hardware and may require additional programming.

    I have been an IT Consultant/Programmer (like you) for about 20 years and I can’t imagine that it would that much costly to develop a ‘Canadian’ version of what is already done in the US and as we now know, what is already available in Canada to Canadians for a few hundred bucks. So instead of doing that, they transformed that minor cost into a revenue stream by way of mnSoft (being related to Hyundai) at the cost of alienating a few thousands expecting customers in Canada. It seems to me to be a bad business decision but someone at Hyundai Canada must have thought it was good for business to lie to get away from that obligation (because they did lie as their justification for not doing it is no longer valid).

    This is shameful and I know for a fact that it has already costed them one car… My girlfriend wanted a Kia Soul EV and we went to test drive one tonight. It doesn’t have Android Auto but is listed on:


    To be getting it via a future software update like my 2016 Sonata bought last May. The dealer also promised said update but based on my experience, she will wait and in the meantime if something better come her way, she will take it since the Kia Canadian AA update will probably never come… Karma is a…

    • A few points here. First is the fact that I took deliberate steps in this article to point out that Hyundai Canada did not promise this was ever going to happen, or it was going to be free for the asking. I validated this by asking some of my friends who are members who attended the press launch for the vehicle mid last year for some of the marketing materials. Everything I saw meshes with what I have found in other places. That is, this upgrade for free or whatever was not promised by Hyundai Canada. That means two things. Dealers promised this, which they shouldn’t have and is now coming back to haunt Hyundai Canada, or the marketing from Hyundai USA who DID promise this update is making life miserable for Hyundai Canada.

      Second, I will agree with you the optics suck. Hyundai Canada put out a statement that said that they basically have technical challenges putting this out. But MnSOFT doesn’t have the same challenges clearly as I now have Android Auto And Apple CarPlay in my Tucson. All I had to do was pay for it, which I had no issue doing as I had no expectation that it would be free as per the above. That implies that either the people at MnSOFT are more technically adept than the ones at Hyundai Canada or Korea or there’s something else going on here.

      I will continue to track this story as the rage from Hyundai Canada owners does not seem to be subsiding. Thus I really do think that this story is far from over.

      • I really have to argue the point you make about “Hyundai not promising this”. How can you say that when they advertised it on their Canadain website as being included in the vehicle at the time of purchase. You acknowledge that it was there and then quickly removed once you brought it to their attention. It is out right false advertising and the old bait and switch. Bottom line is it comes down to fraud.

        To make the situation worse they left the traffic menu and options in the SiriusXm section of the navigation system. This was also promoted in their material as well as at the dealer.

      • In answer to your questions, I was looking for was stuff that was sent to dealers or the press from Hyundai Canada (not Hyundai USA) that promised this. At the time they launched this rev of the Tucson, this wasn’t promised. AJAC members that I know who attended the press launch out west confirmed that for me. Thus there’s no “smoking gun” there. The website thing as I said earlier could be argued either way. But what was interesting is that as far as I can tell from Google Cache, it popped up in the spring when they changed the marketing of the Tucson away from using the Diplo song to the “full of life” campaign that they are presently using. So if I look at this from a neutral perspective, you can argue that it is either a mistake or they tried to slip one in and got caught and had to walk it back. I have no evidence that points me in one direction or the other.

        The SiriusXM thing is different though. I brought this up in my three month update that I wrote at the end of last year which you could read here:


        The reason why the buttons are there is that Sirius XM traffic works for our friends south of border. It’s supposed to work for us as well as every Tucson gets it for three months to entice you to sign on to Sirius XM. But it never did. And it doesn’t for any Canadian apparently. Sirius XM blames Hyundai. Hyundai Blames Sirius XM. This is something that needs to get sorted. Now that you’ve brought this up, one of the things that Sirius XM mentioned is that the software for the infotaiment system might be to blame. Now that I’ve updated the software, I could test it out. Let me see how to do that and report back.

  3. JF Laplante Says:

    Also…to add to the insult:

    On the American mnSoft website, the update for my car is 219US$ + 13US$ for 2 days FEDEX.

    On the Canadian mnSoft website, the update for my car is 235US$ + 45US$ for FEDEX.

    I won’t even ask why…

    As for the car girlfriend want’s to purchase, the dealer promised AA update that will probably never come (for free) for the 2016 Soul EV is already available on mnSoft website for the same 239US$.

  4. I was thinking the same, but thought of getting the US SD card? will the Canadian version work on 2015 Sonata?

    • I cannot say for sure if it would work or not. Sorry.

    • JF Laplante Says:

      One reason why it wouldn’t work may be that the BlueLink hardware is absent from most Canadian Hyundai cars but included in the US. The US update, if it installs at all, would be looking for the BL hardware and would most likely cause a problem. That is why additional programming could be required.

      Better than that, just open source the damn thing and the community will take care of this and probably bring the whole thing above and beyond what you could imagine. I hope one day someone will hack the NAVI system and let me install Android on it. From that point I’ll do whatever I want…

      As for the argument of promises, so far, I didn’t have the reflex to double-check dealer promises with the Headquarter but next time I will! Everything that was told to me made sense at the time since it was publicly announced that it would be available soon in the US.

      Also, at the time, I read this which gave me some hope:


      But still, all of this could have been avoided with some common sense. As now, the official Google Android Auto page is still confusing enough to let a reasonable person believe that Android Auto is available or will be soon to the listed car models including most Hyundai models.

  5. Is it just me or has the upgrade with AppleCar play and Android Auto been removed from Mnsoft’s site. Just went to order it and it is not showing now. I seen it last night and was gig to order.

  6. I now go and check the sonata version, and its out of stock, I dont mind buying ver 10 but will it come with Apple Car play, coz it seems the elentra GT and Tuscon have same f/w after the upgrade, but the sonata doesnt. Has anyone else bought the upgrade who is not a tuscon/elantra owner
    Also, can you tell me how is the 3d maps in ver 10

    • 3D maps is hit and miss depending on where you are. In downtown Toronto I get 3D buildings. Not so much in downtown Mississauga which is the next city over. Having said that, the perspective that the 3D view adds is actually good. It is a birds eye view that I happen to like.

  7. Thank you for contacting Hyundai Auto Canada. Hyundai Canada’s third-party navigation software provider, MnSOFT, chose to include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as value-added features for customers that purchase its map update for certain 2016-2017 Elantra GT and Tucson vehicles equipped with satellite navigation. There is no timeline for when or if the value-added features will be available for other models equipped with satellite navigation. The development and deployment of navigation software used by Hyundai vehicles is solely the responsibility of MnSOFT. The navigation software is developed and managed by a third-party supplier. Hyundai Canada provides the navigation software update as a pass-through cost to customers through Hyundai dealers. Customers may also purchase the update directly from MnSOFT. Our records show you have a 2015 Sonata; it is unfortunately unable to receive such an update. We apologize if this does not meet with your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. All the best

  8. Just ordered the upgrade and have a quick questions. Do you know if it is okay to drive the vehicle while it is upgrading or does it just have to be running and in park?

  9. Brandon Says:

    Any word on the 2016 Veloster? I checked the MnSOFT site, but the Veloster isn’t showing an update to the Android Auto version.

    • You have to email them requesting it, the more requests they get – better chances for other models. Since Hyundai has made it clear that Mapnsoft has added these features themselves, it would be win win as I believe most of us would pay for an upgrade which one wouldn’t normally be interested in

      • I got ahold of Mapnsoft, but they said the Veloster in Canada has a different system than the one in the US. Android Auto will not be coming on the Veloster.

  10. Thus the request, as per Hyundai – MapnSoft chose to add them as value added features so why not for others

    • JF Laplante Says:

      When I asked mnSoft about AA on a Sonata they directed me to Hyunday Canada as they have no say in this and just sell the product. The gentleman’s name at mnSoft was Winston. Also, on the Sonata forum, somebody recently posted an email reply coming from mnSoft which read:


      For clarification on android auto I would advise you to contact Hyundai Canada directly.

      Kindly, Winston”

      The gentleman’s name is also Winston. It would seem that they are exchanging a small round object between each them.


      • But we have to tell them, as per Hyundai they have already told us MapnSoft has added these value added services so why not for other cars

  11. Joshua Simon Says:

    Hi there,

    Great article. I too found it frustrating that the 2016 Tuscon did not support Android Auto for Canadians. I am looking to get a Tuscon soon myself.

    Can you tell me what model of Tuscon you have? I want to make sure the model I get will be compatible with the software. Also, now that it has been a month or so, have you had any issues with your infotainment system?


    • I have a 2016 Tucson Limited. I have a review in my review section. Any 2016 should work with the update on the MnSOFT website. That site also lists an update for the 2017 as well. I have had no issues at all. You might also be interested in a review of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in my reviews section as well.

    • I should also tell you that I have updates on the Tucson that we own as well. Those are in a section called “2016 Hyundai Tucson Year One” on the main page of the blog.

      • Joshua Simon Says:

        Your updates have been great. Seems like you made a good choice on your vehicle! I’m looking at getting the luxury. There doesn’t seem to be a big difference between the luxury and limited except for price. Any particular reason you went with the limited?

      • Yes. It has more content. Specifically:

        – 1.6L turbo engine
        – 7 Speed DCT
        – HID Headlights with Adaptive Cornering System (ACS)
        – Power passenger seat with height adjust

        We want the HIDs and when we test drove the 2.0L and the 1.6L engines back to back, we prefered the latter. Finally, it’s a really nice trim level that gives you a Audi or BMW feel for less.

  12. Joshua Simon Says:

    Thanks for all your advice. I ended up buying a 2016 Tuscon Limited this weekend. Love it! Just need to get the android auto update and I’ll be set!

  13. Sara Baker Says:

    Do you know if it’s just the Apple Maps app that will work through CarPlay, or can I use Google Maps with it?

    • Apple tightly controls what ends up in CarPlay. The only mapping app allowed is Apple Maps. Given Apple’s rather rocky history with Google, I would find it unlikely that Google Maps will ever make an appearance in CarPlay.

  14. Good it should work on my Ultimate 2016 Hyundai Tucson then also, still did not see anywhere if can use the Download and use any 16G SD or can only use the one from the car?

    • If you are referring to a download link from Hyundai Canada, it presently doesn’t exist. But it is available from MnSOFT’s Canadian site for a fee.

  15. From the one on MnSOFT’s web site, was reading forums and it said to put on the original sd card from the vehicle. I was just wondering if could use any sd card? It just says to save on media. Save money on shipping and Media by using your current factory SD card. – Free So thinking should still be able to use any card?

  16. Funny I just was in the dealership today and asking about this. They just looked at me like I was an alien, and had no idea about any updates. So I decided to do a search on it.

  17. Hello, I from Poland and our dealers don’t want help us with AA/carplay. In our navi we have Windows CE. Could you write what you have in your system navi

  18. Craig Noble Says:

    Hi, Will this update work in a 2017 Hyundai Tucson Premium with the 5″ screen? I am thinking it won’t but what if I upgraded to the 8″ Factory Touch Screen (found one at salavge yard). Thanks for your help..!

    • I see nothing that says it doesn’t as the requirement as far as I know was a system with “navigation” which I thought covered 5″ and 7″ head units. But I am not 100% sure on that.

  19. […] I Now Have Android Auto And Apple CarPlay In My 2016 Hyundai Tucson […]

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