SureTap Wallet Blames Apple For Shutdown In August

You might remember the SureTap wallet that Rogers first came up with, but then expanded to other carriers as well as CIBC and Rogers bank. Or maybe you don’t remember them as the technology never caught on. Now it’s going of August and in an interview with, Almis Ledas, chief operating officer at Enstream which is the company that was behind SureTap said this:

If we’d been able to deploy a wallet on Apple and non-Apple handsets, we would have more access for issuers and it would still be in existence today,” Ledas says. “We went to Apple and talked about getting access to the secure element. The answers was clear – no.

The “secure element” that he refers to is the hardware and sofware that drives Apple Pay among other things. I’m really not sure what they were expecting from Apple. After all, Apple isn’t known for being the most open company unless they have to be. Thus this outcome was kind of predictable. Will anyone miss SureTap? My guess is nobody.


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