BREAKING: Hyundai Canada To Offer CarPlay Upgrades… Maybe Android Auto Too?

I’ve been tracking a story where Hyundai Canada has had a bit of a PR nightmare on its hands which started when Hyundai USA started offering free upgrades to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Canadians were left out of the loop. Then Hyundai Canada kind of threw cold water on Canadians ever getting these upgrades. This was followed by a tip from a user on the Hyundai Forums that MnSOFT which is the part of Hyundai that makes the software for their infotainment systems had an paid update to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that was rolling out. That of course set off a firestorm among Hyundai owners in Canada who wanted a free update just like the Americans, not to mention Ford and FCA owners in Canada among others who get functionality like this for free. That led me to speak with Chad Heard who is the Sr. Manager for PR at Hyundai Canada to get the facts. At the time I spoke to him, he came across as being very forthright. For example he admitted that what MnSOFT did in terms of releasing updates that brought Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to some Hyundai vehicles caught Hyundai Canada off guard. He also expressed that they were working on bringing this functionality to vehicles somehow as well. Now of course because I’m an IT Nerd, I paid up to get the update myself and others have as well. But Some readers of my blog expressed their doubts about whether this upgrade would ever come and expressed their frustrations about not being able to get it for free. But it appears that Hyundai was telling the truth and some sort of update is coming. If you go to the Hyundai Canada website, you will see this at the bottom:


The Android Auto link was always there. But the Apple CarPlay link is new. It was likely added in the last week. If you click it, you will see that the 2017 Tucson is listed as vehicle that comes with CarPlay. But the real news is found when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the FAQ:


Note these words: We will announce availability on other models soon, including plans for updating existing customer vehicles.

That implies that there is going to be some sort of upgrade plan for existing owners. What that plan is, is still in progress. Thus I will be reaching out to Hyundai Canada see if I can find out any information. If I do, I will update this post.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I heard back from Chad Heard who is the Sr. Manager for PR at Hyundai Canada with the background of what is on the Hyundai Canada website. In short, Hyundai Canada has in dealer showrooms today six 2017 models (Elantra sedan, Santa Fe Sport, Santa Fe XL, Elantra GT, Sonata (not hybrid), and Tucson) that are built from the factory with Android Auto. Three of those (Elantra GT, Sonata (not hybrid), and Tucson) are also equipped with Apple CarPlay. They are prioritizing 2017 model year vehicles. Within that a software update for existing, sold, 2017 model year Android Auto-only models (Elantra sedan, Santa Fe Sport, Santa Fe XL) currently with customers to bring them Apple CarPlay functionality is something that is being worked on. But if or when it will happen is still in flux. I emphasized the fact that this relates to 2017 model year vehicles as I want to be clear as to what the facts are at present so that there is no misunderstanding. As I get additional details, I will post an update.

8 Responses to “BREAKING: Hyundai Canada To Offer CarPlay Upgrades… Maybe Android Auto Too?”

  1. This has really bin a rollercoaster ride with Hyundai. Believed AA would never come to my 2016 Tucson, I bit the bullet just this past weekend and bought the upgrade from MnSOFT. Then I saw this headline in my Feedly and thought immediately that they announced they were providing a free update…..I figured just my luck after dropping an extra $200.

    • I should point out that everything I have written refers ONLY to 2017 model year vehicles. I have zero information on 2016 model year vehicles. Maybe there will be upgrades? Maybe not. There is no definitive info at present. Once I get that info, I will post an update.

      • Yeah, I don’t think I was clear in my comment. I was coming into the article expecting that they just announced it was coming for free for the 2016 models as soon as I decide to purchase it from MnSOFT because…luck. But, after reading your article, I know differently.

        By the way, thank you for all your work on this. You have been my one source with information regarding AA with Hyundai. Nice job.

      • No problem at all. I am continuing to monitor this so expect more updates.

  2. Britbloke Says:

    I picked up my Elantra 2017 at the beginning of July and it came with Android Auto, but I’ve holding out for the CarPlay update too.

    You’re right in that it’s frustrating when we see US buyers of the same vehicle being able to download and install their own CarPlay update.

    I’m hoping Hyundai Canada releases the update for my 2017 Elantra soon.

  3. JF Laplante Says:

    I would qualify that news as NOT BAD (but not good for us 2016 owners). I wrote several comments on your previous posts and I’m really happy to see that you’re keeping that issue warm.

    In the last month I’ve exchanged several emails with Hyundai Canada that can be summed up as whatever they said they didn’t say it and they’re not responsible for anything.

    That became very thru in the beginning of August when my 3 months trial for SiriusXM ended and the list of EV Charging stations in my NAV system suddenly disappeared and only 2 stations, out of several hundreds and on top of that the stations are located both at NISSAN dealers and are unavailable to the general public. This adds to the GPS maps that came a few years of of date when I bought the car.

    In the meantime my girlfriend bought a KIA Soul EV with the exact same problem… The free update was available to US customers but not for her in Canada. At least MapnSoft does have an Android Auto update available. Her dealer is on the case with KIA Canada trying to get that update.

    I did some research on the Canadian KIA portion of the MapnSoft website and as you know, many Hyundai vehicle do have a corresponding sibling on the KIA side. I found out that many of the ‘disputed’ Hyundai models have an Android Auto update available on their corresponding model from KIA even many 2014-2015 models.

    This is even more frustrating as Hyundai is supposed to be the ‘premium’ brand while Kia plays second fiddle.

    From what I can see, Hyundai Canada really want to make its Grand debut in the connected car arena for the 2017 model year. Some marketing genius thought that by ignoring their recent Canadian customer (but not the US ones) they would make a big 2017 entrance with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. All of this mess over a few megabyte of FREE software.

    Can somebody explain to them that software and hardware are two different things. It would be really cheezy to see Apple or Samsung promote their latest flagship model as being able to run the latest Angry Bird or the latest version of Netflix. We just expect these applications to run on recent hardware and get free updates and that’s it. That seem to be the way Hyundai Canada wants to present their car. Their 2017 models CAN run the software but the identical 2016 models CAN’T. There’s nothing to gain by acting that way and much to loose.


  4. I was in US today, spoke to Service to see if they can update/hack mine to US version, they said its internal ECU but interestingly said we could do other things like change the Hyundai logo to your choice

  5. And still nothing for 2015 Sonata owners?!

    really! how hard is to release same software on same vehicle with same equipment?!

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