iOS 10 Causing Issues For Some

Today is the day that iOS 10 was supposed to be released to the world. And at 1PM EST it was. However, there are issues that you should be aware of. The big one at the moment is that therehere is a chance that you will make the device non-functional (a.k.a. “brick” it) if you try to update via the over the air method (in other words, without iTunes). There are reports from a variety of sources that validate this. And the fact that this appears to be load related. In other words, every iDevice user on Earth is trying to get this update at the same time. If you want my advice, your best bet is to always update via iTunes. But if you are already in this situation, you can do a restore via iTunes. However, that brings me to problem number two, there is a report that your phone will run significantly slower after restoring from iTunes. That’s not good. That may require you to do an erase and restore.

I’m in the midst of trying to do an update via iTunes at the moment and I should have some first impressions by later today. But if you choose to update right now, I would suggest using iTunes and doing a backup first to protect yourself.

Updates to come.


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