Slovoed Dictionaries Now Available for Chromebook

Paragon Software Group, has announced the release of its first browser-based series of Slovoed dictionaries for Google Chrome. Chromebook users can use English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish dictionaries in online mode, and enjoy the many advanced features, learning tools, enthralling games, and self-quizzes. 

Slovoed dictionaries include the most comprehensive and up-to-date content from the world’s foremost lexicographers. The advanced features allow users to look up words and phrases in any grammatical or spelling form, listen to word pronunciations, memorize built-in tables of irregular verbs, conjugation tables, and much more.  

Slovoed for Google Chrome apps include:

  • Slovoed Deluxe English ↔ German Chrome Store
  • Slovoed Deluxe English ↔ Russian Chrome Store
  • Slovoed Deluxe English ↔ Spanish Chrome Store
  • Slovoed Deluxe French ↔ German Chrome Store
  • Slovoed Deluxe German ↔ Russian Chrome Store


  • Headword search
  • Full text search feature looks up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords and usage examples
  • Favorite articles to quickly access and revise frequently searched words
  • Flash Card Quiz adds new words to practice
  • Spelling Game – listen to words and try to write them correctly
  • Search History
  • Table of English irregular verbs

Free Slovoed Spelling Game

With Slovoed Spelling Game, the user listens to word pronunciations and has exactly three minutes to spell them correctly. The game includes multiple difficulty levels, and the highest levels challenge the player with the most difficult words carefully selected by leading linguists and experts. This powerful, exciting, and free learning tool allows users to have fun, while at the same time stimulate foreign language skills, pronunciation, and verbal comprehension without having to purchase additional software.  

Slovoed dictionaries can be downloaded and tested for free from the Google Chrome Store  Prices start at $20.99.


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