Tesla Model S Hack That Enables Remote Control Demoed… And Quickly Fixed

I’ve been saying for a very long time that car companies have to do a better job of securing their cars from hacks. The Jeep hack from last year proves that more needs to be done on that front. Now there’s a new hack that has come to light. Hackers at the Keen Security Lab of Tencent, a Chinese Technology conglomerate, discovered the vulnerability and published a video demonstrating the hack:

But before any Tesla owners panic, the company has already pushed out a fix for this as fixes can be delivered over the air to Tesla owners. If you’re running v7.1, 2.36.31 of the Tesla software, you’re covered. That’s because Keen reported the issue to Tesla and gave the company the chance to fix it before going public. Also, I am guessing that they got paid as well seeing as Tesla has a bug bounty program. That’s good and this sort of quick action is something that other car companies should emulate so that their customers are protected from those who would wish to do something malicious.


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