So…. I’ve Upgraded To macOS Sierra

The upgrade to macOS Sierra was really straightforward. However I did run into a minor glitch and a problem. First let me talk about the upgrade. Here’s what I did after following these steps to prepare for the upgrade:

  1. I downloaded the installer from the App Store.
  2. I then ran the installer and went away for 40 minutes while it did its thing.
  3. Done. Declare victory and have a beer.

The update as you can see, is pretty straightforward. There were no issue with the upgrade. I did some testing and found two issues, one of which was a real problem:

  • My system was a bit slower after the upgrade. Since I use iStat Menus, I was able to trace the issue to a system process called “photoanalysisd” which is there to go through your photos and recognize faces in those photos. As I type this, it is still doing its thing and I expect it to continue for some time and then stop.
  • I then noticed that the real time threat protection that is part of AVG Anti Virus for Mac stopped working. Doing a search on Google, I found two mentions of this problem on AVG’s forums with beta versions of macOS Sierra. The thing is, these problems have been around since August and you’d think that they would have fixed this by now. That’s a #fail on AVG’s part. I’ve uninstalled the app and I’ll take a long hard look at reinstalling it in the future given that they should really have done better for their users.

So what’s my early assessment of macOS Sierra? Here are my thoughts:

  • Siri on the Mac is interesting but limited to installed applications. So if you want Siri to read you e-mail from your copy of Microsoft Outlook that’s not going to happen. But it’s best used to do things like web searches and to and to get the weather. It is also good for doing adjustments of system preferences like screen brightness and the like.
  • If you have an iDevice and a Mac, you now get a feature called Universal Clipboard. Copy some text on your iDevice, paste it on your Mac. It’s a simple feature, and it’s a useful feature.
  • There’s a new feature called iCloud Documents and Desktop which backs up your files in those locations to iCloud which makes the need to backup to something like Dropbox irrelevant. The advantage of this is that this is transparent. Though you have to have the storage in your iCloud account to leverage this feature.
  • Messages in macOS Sierra now supports the rich media that iOS 1o supports.

There’s a lot more to macOS Sierra like Apple Pay, Optimized Storage, the ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple watch, and Safari 10 to name four new features. But so far, it is worth the upgrade.


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